Version Watch
SoundFX 4.3 update has been released (14.Apr.2005)
There have been a few bugs that I had fixed localy for a while. One is the crasher with the dropdown-menus under OS4. The update also contains a fixed ShowTip tool. Check out the update of SoundFX!
SoundFX 4.3 will be shown at Fun Of Computing 2004 (27.Sep.2004)
I will attend the Fun Of Computing 2004 meeting in Illmenau/Thüringen/Germany and present the latest version of SoundFX.
The meeting is a good chance to learn about the software and to discuss about new versions.
Future of my AMIGA software products (28.Jun.2004)
Many people asking for PPC support of my software. Although it sounds reasonable for e.g. SoundFX to support a PPC processor, it will probably not happening.
Why? I have no PPC system and the maket does not manage to provide a clear future path. Already in the past we had two (incompatible) PPC technologies (PowerUP and WarpUP). And what happend now? We have two hardware platforms (AmigaOne and Pegasos) and two operating systems (AmigaOS4 and MorphOS). I neither have the money to buy two systems nor I have the space to put them into my office, nor do I have the time to maintain two code-bases. I will continue to work on the 68k version as at least this runs on all three platforms (AmigaOS3.x,AmigaOS4 and Morphos).
But unless we have a unified AMIGA platform, no porting will take place!
SoundFX 4.3 has been released (30.Mar.2004)
Again it took a while to get it ready, but it was worth it. Have a go with the new SoundFX and if something is not working as you like it - another update comes for sure.
SoundFX 4.3 will be ready soon (16.Mar.2004)
I have uploaded two new screenshots of the upcomming SoundFX 4.3. Betatesters got a new version today as well and if everythings is okay, this will be released. .
Website update (14.Jan.2004)
I have updated/extended the pages again.
The services section has been extended a bit and I have now listed my dissertation project "GITK" under products.
SonicPulse : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (23.Dec.2003)
I wish a succesful new year 2004 to us and the AMIGA. Many thanks for the great support I've got with the SoundFX development.
Website update (24.Sep.2003)
I have updated/extended the pages again.
There is a new section about services and old news have been archived again. Furthermore the layout has been improved a little.
SoundFX is becomming 10 years old! (11.Jul.2003)
This month SoundFX celebrates its 10 years anniversary. I currently work on version 4.3 and hope to start the beta-tests soon.
SonicPulse : new icons (21.Jan.2003)
I have created new top navigation icons. I hope you like them.
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